Monday, February 6, 2012


We are facing an unprecedented economic and social crisis in the United States and Texas.  We are starting to reap the bitter fruit of the last 150 years of history and government malfeasance.  Our society will be changed in a very great manner.  The coming events will either swing the pendelum of our history back towards Liberty and the principles that made the United States the greatest country in the history of the world or toward a total takeover of our society by the government.

The Constitution is a plan of government.  It established a Republic of sovereign States and a limited federal government to do certain things and certain things ONLY for the common benefit of All the States.  The genius of the Founders was that they chose to establish a republic as the best form of government designed to protect our general Liberty from the coercion of our OWN government.  No other nation on the face of the earth has ever before enshrined the principle in its founding documents that "we the people" have the right to choose our form of government and to change our form of government when it abuses our Liberty and other unalienable rights.  No other nation has ever enshrined the principle in its founding documents that the only reason for government to exist is to protect OUR Liberty, especially from the government itself.  No other nation has ever enshrined in its founding documents the principle that all men are created equal.

Today, the American Republic no longer exists except in name.  Today our national government is a popular democracy.  Instead of ruling ourselves under the law in a republic, we are being ruled by a large oligarchy composed of the three branches of the federal government.  The government is no longer ruled or limited by the law of the land, the Constitution.  Today our government has assumed almost complete power over all aspects of our lives and economic activity.  It is in charge of us.  We are NOT in charge of it.  States governments have become subsidiaries of the federal government, no longer sovereign and answerable to the people of each State.  The policies of the United States government over the last 150 years have had the overall effect of always increasing the power and size of the central government at the expense of OUR Liberty and economic security.

Today we have reached a point of no return.  Our national debt now exceeds our gross national product.  The annual deficit of the United States is now over 4 trillion dollars a year and growing.  The dollar is a paper currency of no value except the trust of other governments that future generations of Americans will continue to work and be taxed to pay the debt our government has put upon us.  The economic and regulatory burdens placed on private enterprise today by the government ensure that most production of real goods has been moved overseas where the tax and regulatory burden is much less.

At the same time the government has been destroying our economy and our currency, the government has for generations encouraged the growth of dependency on government by the general population.  Today we are a socialized entitlement society with the entitlements being used as a reason for  the size and power of the government to continue to increase at the expense of our Liberty.  The government today is a huge system of income redistribution.  We have moved from the idea of equality of opportunity to the idea that an equal playing field is when the government has the power to take from some to give to others.

Elections no longer change the direction of our country.  No matter who we elect, Republican or Democrat, the federal government keeps on getting bigger and more powerful, taking more of our Liberty in the process.  That is because the smart people we put in have the same belief system as the smart people we kick out.  That belief system is that the government has the power to solve all problems and that government knows best in all things.

We are the FIRST generation of Americans to insure that our children and grandchildren  will have LESS opportunity than we did, not more.  We are the first generation to live at the expense of future generations, thereby depriving future generations of their own liberty for our convenience today.

I have tolerated the governments nonsense toward me for years but now my eyes are open.  I WILL NOT tolerate or approve the actions of the government against the future of my grandchildren who at the tender ages of 7, 3 and 1, have no idea of what has already been done to them without their knowledge and consent.  The future of my grandchildren is the reason I have embraced the cause of Liberty today.  I hope you will join in this great debate over the future of what it means to say "I am an American".

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